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"I've been with Option Prophet for about 5 months now. The trades have been making gains consistently monthly despite market direction. Each trade alert comes with a detailed explanation as to why they like a particular trade set-up. They doesnt execute a trade unless it has a high probability of success, which makes the trading system very conservative and yet also very profitable. Option Prophet is a highly recommended trading service to add to your portfolio."

-Michael S.

"Best risk/reward in the business! I made almost 30% in 2013 with them. It would have been more but I made the mistake of listening to fear mongers and decided not to enter some trades. They have to be one of the best market analysts. The trades are simple with no baby sitting. Place them, collect premium and forget them. Other services I tried were a major headache in constant adjustment, complex trades and the volatility almost gave me a heart attack. This is perfect for novices.

-George M.