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Monthly Trade Alerts

Weekly Recaps

 Personalized Portfolio Insurance

Receive detailed trade alerts to follow along as we trade short options on the major indexes. This is the only trade alert service to have a 98% win rate over the last 5 years. 

Each week get a detailed review of what we see in the market, what we expect in the next week, a look at volatility and how we're shaping our portfolio to fit the current mood.

Don't leave your portfolio exposed to downside risk and 'black-swan events'. We will work with you to tailor an insurance program to fit your portfolio, plus we will actively monitor the position for you.

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 Option Strategy Booklet

Premium Guides

Monthly Q&A Sessions 

We are not keeping any secrets about our strategy. We filled this book with everything we know and use to trade our short option strategies. Finally learn all of our tips and tricks that made us successful option sellers.

Short, detailed guides to make you a better option trader. Our guides include things like how to select the best strategy, when to exit a trade, how much to risk and allocate, plus much more.

Just us every month to talk options. This is an open question and answer chatroom and no question will go unanswered. Bring your questions about your option trades and concepts and have them answered in live.

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WeeklyStrategy Round

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Weekly Trade Alerts

Weekly Strategy Sessions

Priority Support

Get serious about taking your income to the next level. Our Weekly Trade Alerts brings you our short option strategy centered around individual equities and their weekly options. 

Get access to our chatroom and community of active traders as we discuss past trades, current trades, and look for new trades as we head into the week.

Have a question? We have a detailed set of instructions and videos, question and answer bank, priority support to make sure all your questions get answered quickly.


 start making money with options


What Our Members Are Saying

 "We invested $10,000 with The Option Prophet saw wins of $200 (July 2012) and are currently profiting over $600 in just 3 months. We are now reallocating our investments accordingly. Thank you Option Prophet!"

-Jean O.

"I can't express in words how grateful I am to your newsletter. I'll be able to pay off my children's student loans and absorb a $4.51/hr pay cut. I'm not sure what I would do without The Option Prophet at this stage in my life. I can't thank you enough for your service. Kudos to The Option Prophet."

-Robert B.

"I just want to say Thank-You for the great job you are doing. Of all the newsletters, The Option Prophet is the most consistent and seemingly safest for gains. I have allocated the most per trade to your newsletter of all the newsletter allocations in my IB account."

-John L.

"Last year the Option Prophet absolutely transformed my trading account from one where monthly gains were often uncertain and unpredictable into one where a steady monthly income stream through OTM credit spreads bought amazingly steady and consistent growth." 

-Andrew B.

"Your trading service has been the only service that I have tried that can claim to be low risk and consistently profitable. I wish I had discovered this way of trading back in 2012. It would have saved me from a lot of grief and a small fortune. Your trading service has opened my eyes to a new way of trading that I have not known before. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job. Your low key way of trading is great."

-Jonathan L.

"In terms of use, the trades are very clearly documented, with helpful techinicals and diagrams. Fills are easy to obtain and the service only reports real fills. Backup and support from the team is first class. Emails are answered promptly and you are dealing with real people. Just a really professional service and great value."

-Greg S.

"He's on a role, I have never seen anybody trading verticals 15% out of the money like he does. The only reason he is up only 34% for the year is because of the naked puts he sells at 2% ROI. His verticals make 5 to 7% per trade which would be 60 to 70% for the year."

-Bob C.

"Achieving consistent profits through The Option Prophet service I decided to scale back my long and short positions in common stock and concentrate almost exclusively on credit spreads (the returns are just so much more reliable). Since then The Option Prophet has provided me with significant extra income consistently month after month and now forms the cornerstone of my early retirement plan and beyond."


"Best risk/reward in the business! I made almost 30% in 2013 with them. It would have been more but I made the mistake of listening to fear mongers and decided not to enter some trades. They have to be one of the best market analystsThe trades are simple with no baby sitting. Place them, collect premium and forget them. Other services I tried were a major headache in constant adjustment, complex trades and the volatility almost gave me a heart attack. This is perfect for novices. 

-George M.

"I've been with Option Prophet for about 5 months now. The trades have been making gains consistently monthly despite market direction. Each trade alert comes with a detailed explanation as to why they like a particular trade set-up. They doesnt execute a trade unless it has a high probability of success, which makes the trading system very conservative and yet also very profitable. Option Prophet is a highly recommended trading service to add to your portfolio."

-Michael S.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What skills and knowledge do I need to begin with?

A: None! Our systems are designed for the beginner option trader. We will make sure you understand our trades and teach you how to run the systems in your brokerage and portfolio.

Q: Can I trade these alerts in my IRA Retirement Account?

A: Even though we sell options you can still take our trades in your IRA account. We will have you focus on the spreads and defined risk trades. We've built our own IRA accounts with these trades.

Q: Can non-US residents join your membership?

A: Absolutely! We have members from across the globe currently enjoying our membership. All you need is a brokerage account to begin trading.

Q: My portfolio is small can I still take advantage of your service?

A: You can trade our alerts with a portfolio of a couple of thousand to a couple of million. We originally designed our service to benefit smaller portfolios and give them a way to make money with options. 

Q: Do you offer autotrading?

A: Yes, our services are currently auto traded through Global AutoTrading, eOption, and AutoShares.

Q: Which level should I pick to begin with?

A: Start with the level you think meets your current needs. You can always change levels later if you need more or less options.

Q: Is the payment system secure?

A: Yes, all of our payments are processed using PayPal.com. Your payments and information are protected by a secure 128-bit SSL encrypted connection.

Q: What if I don't like the service?

A: You won't find any contracts here. Cancel at any time no questions asked with just a few clicks.


start making money with options

round testimonial

"Last year The Option Prophet absolutely transformed my trading account from one where monthly gains were often uncertain and unpredictable into one where a steady monthly income stream through OTM credit spreads bought amazingly steady and consistent growth."

-Andrew B.